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 What's new about the new Schröder tangentially tracking tonearm?

First of all, it does what all linear tracking tonearms TRY to achieve, namely holding the stylus assembly, not just the cartridge, in a position that equals that of the cutting stylus at all times/radii as it traces a record.

You'll notice that the headshell doesn't feature an offset angle, indispensable for conventional pivoted arms to minimize tracking error related distortions. Here, the cartridge suspension will not be loaded asymmetrically as (when properly set up) there is no skating force for which to compensate, nor even an asymmetry in the mass distribution of the main arm.

The total displacement of the foot point is less than one third of the required equivalent for a conventional linear tracking tonearm. The forces required to move the entire arm are considerably smaller due to the proportionally greater leverage and the use of the finest bearing available. This accounts for a total bearing friction in the horizontal plane that is lower than 3.5mg.

The bearings for the vertical movement are zero friction/zero stiction designs, combining the virtues of an airbearing with the rigidity of a preloaded ball bearing.

All relevant parameters are adjustable, including VTA/SRA. I opted for a simple, yet mechanically sound shaft/collar arrangement. A preloaded set screw allows for changes without the risk of the arm "dropping". VTF is fine tunable via a small knurled weight screw behind the main counterweight. Azimuth can be adjusted within a range of +/- 3°

The effective mass falls into the medium to high category. Depending upon your choice of cartridge mounting plate(a proven concept taken over from previous Schröder tonearm designs), it ranges from 14 to 21gr. The effective length of the main arm is 250mm, the pivot to spindle mounting distance 275mm due to the additional pivoting bar. Obviously, the overhang is Zero.

The armwands are handmade of either Snakewood or Grenadill, both treated extensively (a time and labor intensive process) to assure total immunity from changes in humidity or temperature. The headshell is fabricated from a proprietary material that combines stiffness, low mass and high internal damping. The cryogenically treated, high purity copper wiring runs uninterrupted from the cartridge clips to the RCAs Bullet plugs(XLRs available upon request).

What does all of this mean in terms of sound quality?

The new arm, which shall be labelled Schröder LT, for "linear tracklng" omits many a flaw of existing arms, pivoted or linear tracking, by keeping all forces exerted on the cantilever assembly(other than those generated by the groove) to an unprecedented minimum. This results in a greater dynamic range, an extremely clean rendition of complex signals, rock solid images in space, neither blown up nor reduced to mere dots, but three-dimensional as captured by the recording engineer. Like all of my previous designs I value truthfulness of timbre very highly, so expect a total absence of "grain" or resonances that may add "excitement" but will ultimately lead to listening fatigue.
It was engineered and built simply to communicate emotion inherent in all types of great music, so listen for yourself...

Frank Schröder